Private Services List & Fees

Fees Payable By Patients

Medical Examinations

Full Medical Examination and Report


Employment or Pre-Employment medicals (e.g. Army, Police) £175.00
Fitness to drive for insurance purposes (e.g. Elderly or racing driver) £150.00
Drivers or Pilots vocational licences (e.g. LGV, PCV, Taxi, Pilots, etc.) £165.00
Life Assurance Medical – GPR  £104.00
Accident & or Sickness Insurance Medical Examination  £150.00

Certificates, Forms & Reports


Private Sick Note  £20.00
Driving Licence Counter Signature  £35.00
Freedom from infection certificate £30.00
Detailed Written Report ( No examination ) £125.00
 Medical Pro-forma Report ( No examination ) £95.00
Gym membership cancellation 40.00
Holiday insurance cancellation £45.00
Life/Health insurance claim forms ( BUPA, PPP etc. ) £65.00



Any simple letter to support Non–NHS information
(e.g. fitness to fly. To whom it may concern, housing, social services etc.)
Complex letter requiring extracts from medical records  £95.00
Photocopying charges per page  £0.50
Private prescription for travel abroad  £15.00

Travel Abroad


Meningitis ACWY for Saudi Arabia £65.00
Hepatitis B Vaccination x 3 ( One Course ) £65.00
Vaccination Certificate £30.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £45.00

Private consultations and tests


Private appointment with GP ( 10- 15 Minutes )

Any tests required ( fee is in addition to private consultation fee)